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Build Corporate Credit Like a Pro

Becoming Bankable is about having your business stand on its own two feet for financing, without relying on your personal credit. Choose the path to success – build strong business credit, increase financing opportunities, optimize marketing and maximize earnings. 


Our proven success system gives you access to over 3,000 vendors for every product or service imaginable, and you will learn how and when they will extend credit to you. We've helped tens of thousands of businesses become bankable! We will support you all the way with our proven business finance, business credit building, and success system.

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Corporate Credit
Coaching Plus Program

Don’t have time or patience to build your corporate credit?


Let our pros hold your hand teaching and showing you all the ins and outs of corporate credit building. Our business coaches have years of experience in every industry and how you can build corporate credit fast. This program was designed for the very busy no nonsense business owner that needs to procure funding sooner than later. We have the ability to advise, coach and scale your business with our field tested proven system. This program offers you all. The benefits of our DIY program, plus the ability to have live coaching throughout the process. You will get unlimited access to 1-1 phone consultations with our expert coaches to speak strategy. You will get access to your very own portal and will be able to complete each step with a live coach, giving your the ability to power through credit building. Did we say unlimited access to our business coaches? That's correct, you will have 6 months of unlimited credit coaches concierge service with our Done With You Program. 


What Do You Get With Our Corporate Credit Coaching Plus Program?

Typically, we schedule two coaching appointments a week for the first three weeks where we will be doing an audit of the current status of the business, the business credit, the owners credit, lender compliance items, and correcting, completing or editing all items we find. 

After the three weeks we will have one appointment a week for the remainder of the first 3 month period. We will be building business credit through the selection of Net 30 and revolving vendor credit lines that are useful to the business and will build business credit. To achieve this we will need at least three reporting cycles. We will be seeking to optimize, correct and time the personal credit reports and scores of the business owners. During this first 90 period we will be making sure that the business online footprint has also been optimized and that the required documentation for larger business funding requests are all up-to-date and in place.

Success coaching will focus on making sure that:

• All credit accounts are used on a monthly basis.

• That these accounts are paid on a ten day early basis (at least).

• To develop and maintain a low five business bank account rating.

• To maintain proper accounting and other business records to be ready for immediate lender submission at any given time.

It is during this time period that larger funding amounts can be pre-qualified for and applications made.

It is critical that the first 90 day window be used to get everything ready to apply for business funding so that the maximum amounts with the best rates and terms can be obtained. Applying before then will often lead to declines or obtaining far lesser amounts on less favorable terms. Making sure that lender compliance items have all been completed and that both the owners and the business credit reports are correct is critical. Followed by having a minimum of three reporting cycles for the business credit process so that there has been enough time for the business scoring to take place. Lastly, make sure that a business bank rating of a low five has been obtained which in itself is a three monthly bank statement cycle. process. All this along with making sure that the required business documentation is in order and ready to present to lenders.

As part of the business success coaching process we are going to complete the below audit that defines all the stages and items we will be completing, optimizing, and building. This initial audit shows us where we are for these items at the starting point and by the end of the first 90 days we should be at a point where all these items have been completed. Then we will continue to build, maintain, and fund the business part of the success coaching.

It takes a minimum of 90 days to start the business credit building process, to obtain a low five bank rating, to age out existing credit inquiries, to start to optimize the owners personal credit, and to complete the online optimization process. Trying to short cut any of these items will result in credit declines or at a minimum being approved for far lesser amounts and much worse rates and terms. Be patient and go with the proven process.

To help your client to make progress it is best to have pre-scheduled touch-point appointments.

A standard way of doing that is:
• Two appointments a week for the first three weeks with three or four pre-planned tasks for the client to complete.

• On the first appointment have the coaching audit completed with a checklist of items for the client to supply.
• The first three weeks are focused on lender compliance, current credit reporting, and credit provider selections.

• One appointment a week for week four to week 12, focusing on credit provider usage, payments, and bank rating.
• One appointment a month for months four to 12 stressing early payments and updating the coaching audit.
• End of month three client should have 12 to 15 trade-lines, a low 5 bank rating, and lender compliance completed.
• Months four to 12 are focused on creating 80+ business credit scores, funding programs, and comparable credit.

What Do You Get With Our
Corporate Credit System?



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