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Did you know that over 82,000 businesses are established every week in the US?

Only 7% of these businesses know how to procure business capital by building their corporate credit profile, obtain the funding they need by using a set of strategic business formation, planning and execution that is not tied to their personal credit? Meaning there’s a world of small businesses that have no clue that this even exists.

You can now partner with us and learn how to create a recession proof revenue generating stream of income like no other. If you’re in Consulting, Credit Restoration, Accounting or in any capacity in assisting business owners in starting or scaling their businesses, then you will enjoy the endless capabilities of our Corporate Credit Partner Program.

This is a corporate credit program that will hold your clients hand through all of the different challenges with hands-on multi touch point 7 step process to ensure your client builds a business credit profile like the big corporations. The best part is that you don’t need to be an established business coach to help your clients. We are a “done for you” service company that brings over 100 years of combined experience in this space.

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Why partner with us?

Access to our funding team for clients that need business funding (with Partner Connect add on)

We are a leader in Corporate Credit Building.

Unlimited access to our state side

Business Coaches.

We give you access to content that can be

used for promotions & brand building.

Unlimited revenue potential

Joint venture webinar & live event assistance
(min 100 people attendance)

Access to promotional videos, e-books,

call scripts, email macros & much more.

Your clients gets unlimited access to a live coach using our appointment calendar to book their consult calls (6 month program).

Fists in Solidarity

What does your client get with our innovative successful program?

Corporate Credit has been in existence since the inception of conventional banking. Mega companies have been using these strategies to overcome the pitfalls of venture capital and declined SBA. We have figured out the ins and out and creative this step by step process to assist clients maximize their funding without using their personal credit

We invite you to Partner with us & create a Recession Proof business opportunity like no other!

Corp only Financing 

We help your clients secure true business only bank & cash credit card financing their business must have and maintain: 

  1. At least 10 reporting business credit trade-lines.

  2. Business credit scores of 70 or above with all three agencies.

  3. All twenty (20) items of Lender Compliance completed.

  4. A minimum business Bank Account Rating of a “Low 5”.

  5. Established comparable credit to the amount requested.

  6. A business entity type LLC or Inc, not sole prop or partner.

  7. A verifiable business presence; local, national and 411.

Business Credit Building 

Your clients business needs to have 70 or higher scores with all three major business credit reporting agencies. To do this we will walk them through this process to make sure that their business: 

  1. Is listed correctly with all 3 major agencies.

  2. Has at least 10 credit reporting trade-lines.

  3. Has at least 3 credit reporting revolving accounts.

  4. Has at least 2 credit reporting installment accounts.

  5. Pays all its credit accounts at least 10 days before due.

  6. Verifies that all creditors are reporting on legal name.

  7. Has all 20 items of lender compliance completed.

Lender Compliance  

There are 20 items of lender compliance that will get your clients business viewed as a high risk of default if not completed. We will walk your client through all the right steps to ensure they clean up their business credibility to  so that they don't get declined due to discrepancies:

  1. Not having a business entity either LLC or INC.

  2. Operating from a non-business location (Home or PO Box)

  3. Operating solely from a listed cell phone number.

  4. Operating from a free email account, @gmail, yahoo, etc.

  5. Not having a business website and local directory listings.

  6. Not having open business credit reporting files with all 3 agencies.

  7. And 14 more items that are easily and often overlooked.

Obtaining Cash Type Business Credit Cards 

When your client is seeking cash type business credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex) it is important to realize that these will be personally guaranteed by the business owners and as such based mainly on the business owner’s personal credit. The general approval guidelines for business credit cards are: 

  1. FICO 8 credit scores generally in the 700 and up range.

  2. Having at least one aged revolving account of $5,000 or more.

  3. Having revolving balance to limit of no more than 45% per account.

  4. Having a stated income of at least $50,000/yr ($150,000+/yr optimal).

  5. Having a current debt to income ratio of no more than 40%.

  6. Having no more than 3 recent credit inquiries in last 90 days.

  7. Having no open lates, collections, judgments, or public records.

We will cover Key Elements on Business Financing 

Having ongoing access to business financing is all about attention to detail & maintaining in good order the things business lenders will look at for approval. Some of those key elements are:


  1. Having all 20 items of lender compliance completed at all times.

  2. Maintaining business credit scores with all 3 agencies at 70 or above.

  3. Keeping your business entity and EIN tax status in good standing.

  4. Maintaining your business presence with website, local listings, and 411.

  5. Obtaining and maintaining a minimum of 10 reporting credit trade-lines.

  6. Having the owner’s personal credit scores stay above 600 FICO 8.

  7. Keeping your business bank rating all times at a low 5 or higher.

Business Setup Assistance 

Most business owners do not setup their business correctly from the beginning with some of the first easy steps being: 

  1. Form and file a business entity either LLC or INC, never sole prop or partners.

  2. File for your federal EIN and all applicable local and state licenses.

  3. Open your business bank account with correct legal filed name.

  4. Have phones, emails, and physical address that are business not personal.

  5. Create a business website and get linked on top 40 local directories and 411.

  6. Open business credit files with at least 10 credit reporting trade-lines.

  7. Pay bills early, maintain a low 5 bank rating, and create 70 or higher scores.

Your clients get all of these with our Corporate Credit Building Program –

Own portal system access.

$1,099 value

Business advisor coach to walk you through the entire processs. 

Support setting up business name, entity, and EIN. 

Support with address and toll-free phone number setup. 

Support setting up fax number and 411 listing.

Access to licensing and online listing compliance checking.

Support with setting up a bank account and merchant account.

Business credit with Dun & Bradstreet, Experian and Equifax setup. 

DUNS number set up with Dun & Bradstreet. 

$1,099 value

BIN number setup with Experian.

Access to the largest supply of starter vendors that include exclusive sources.

Access to a massive selection of retail and fleet credit with no personal guarantee or credit check.

Access to hard-to-find cash credit and auto financing with no personal guarantee or credit check.

Cashflow financing even if you have bad credit.

Unsecured financing with 0% rates for startups.

SBA loans, term loans, lines or credit and your own finance team. 

$99 value

$499 value

$399 value

$1,899 value

$99 value

$199 value

$499 value

$299 value

$99 value

$99 value

$459 value

$199 value

$99 value

$599 value

A total value of $7,844

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