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Key Success Element #11 -
SAT/NAV Mobile Map Listings


Let's You See Your Current Status On 12 Critical Elements That Are Key To Your Business Success

SAT/NAV Mobile Map Listings

Is your business ready for the future of search?

GPS mapmakers now power the global navigation industry. These are services such as Google, Apple, Waze, Here, TomTom, Facebook, Uber, MapQuest, OnStar and many others.

You need to ensure that your business data will appear in all available connected systems that service the hundreds of car brands used by consumers today and by all the smart phone service providers.

We all now know about mobile maps, but is your business ready for voice search?

The proliferation of voice search services such as Alexa, Siri, Bixby, and more to follow, offers a huge opportunity for businesses like yours to be found. Already 20% of voice searches are to find local business services and that number will only continue to grow as the technology becomes more widely accepted.

Connected cars, smart phones, and voice searches are changing the way consumers search and find businesses. The number of these search services continue to grow which makes it ever more important for your business to be found on all these.

What do your current Mobile Map Listings look like?

The Business Success Assessment will show you exactly where you are currently for Mobile Map Listings and provide you with the resources to optimize it for your business.

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