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Partner Connect Program

At Latter Accelerate, our goal is to set you and your team up for long term success from the very beginning. We offer you all the tools and resources you need to thrive in this new environment.

Our Parter Connect Program offers a revolutionary network of more than 300 lenders readily available to lend in any industry. What makes us stand apart and what makes our partners love the unique relationship that we offer? It comes down to one word- commission. Our Affiliate/Referring partners have the potential to earn unlimited commissions through one of the nation’s most powerful lending platforms in the business loan space. As an affiliate, you will have first-hand access to our network of lenders. We will then connect your client through a proprietary platform to obtain a loan. In turn you will be paid a percentage/commission when the deal funds. The best part about  our affiliate program is that as a referring partner you do not need to be licensed and/or bonded in your state, and you can cross state lines without any limits to jurisdictions or US territories. We take on the liability from you by initiating the consultation, collecting stipulations and closing your client for you. All you have to do is sit back and let us do what we do best to get you paid.

What you get with the Partner Connect Program:

Partner tools overview:

  • Access to expert Finance Officers

  • Comprehensive client portal with real time updates

  • Monthly webinars

  • Full spectrum finance training

  • On-site onboarding opportunities

  • Website integration with funding links to maximize opportunities

  • Personal Slack channel

  • Submission form with CRM and portal integration

  • Automated client retention

  • Continuing education

  • Weekly meetings with partner success team

  • Social media white label content

  • Customized marketing materials

Level Up your Side Hustle:

With Latter Accelerate's "Partner Connect Program" we believe in offering creative and alternative methods of full spectrum financing. Below is a list of products we can offer your clients:

   - Unsecured Credit Line/Card
   - Business Revenue Lending
   - Merchant Cash Advance
   - Accounts Receivable Financing
   - Private Equity
   - Equipment Financing
   - Equipment-Sale Leaseback
   - Retirement Account Financing
   - Securities Financing
   - Inventory Financing
   - Purchase Order Financing
   - SBA Loans
   - Commercial Real Estate
   - Book of Business Financing
   - Term Loans
   - Revolving Line of Bank Credit

Enroll today and create a lucrative revenue stream like no other.

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