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Make Money with our Corporate
Credit Affiliate Program

Do you need a website for your credit repair business?

With our Partner Connect Plus Program you get all the benefits from our revolutionary, alternative and creative lending platform. You get the ability to hit the ground running with a customized website. Not only will your business stand out with an animated and easy flowing website, but we will ensure that your logos, personalized appointment calendar, admin portal and funding submission page are all integrated. The content for the website has been written based on proven, field tested methods that have a higher conversion rate from the moment potential clients visit your site.

Did you know that companies that use a structured approach towards conversion optimization are twice as likely to see a large increase in sales?

Given this, you’d think more companies would start their companies with a website... Yet 74% of credit restoration and funding companies don’t even have a website for their customers to visit and convert on. We believe the reason for this is that MOST companies are too caught up in the “business as usual syndrome”, and they rarely take a second to stop and think about really focusing on conversion optimization.

Our Partner Connect Plus will:

  • Make your business grow faster online with more followers and prospects
  • Give you social media credibility that works and redirects interested clients to your website
  • Help you get discovered faster by having an online presence
  • Eliminate the cost of hiring a professional to write your content
  • Allow you to hit the ground running from day one

As a part of the Partner Connect Plus Program you will get:

  • Website hosting for 1 year
    • $50 per year after the first year
  • Website security
  • Website backups
  • The domain of your choosing
    • Domain registration for 1 year (i.e.
    • $15 per year after the first year
  • Two business email accounts (i.e.

Partner Connect Program Plus

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