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Key Success Element #8 - Reviews and Star Ratings


Let's You See Your Current Status On 12 Critical Elements That Are Key To Your Business Success

Your online reputation is a very important part of your business that needs to be closely monitored.

If you fail to manage your reputation it is likely that  people may post negative reviews that will then impact the decisions of other people whether to become your customer or not.


Why reviews are so meaningful? Ask yourself, would you rather eat at a two star restaurant or a four star? Would you drive a mile or more further to get to the four star?  It is the ultimate form of peer pressure. What others think matters.


When a potential customers reads a review they place themselves in that same experience. If the experience was negative, then they will most likely either look elsewhere for the service. But if the reviews are positive the same is true and they turn into new customers for you.

  • Reputation management begins by knowing where you are right now.

  • What are your business reviews like on Google, Yelp, and Facebook.

  • These three sites are the most highly visited websites for reviews and star ratings.

The most important thing you can do to get positive reviews is to ask for them. Are you asking for them now? Customers who have a very positive experience will get caught up in their own busy day and never post. But those customers who have a bad experience are far more likely to post. Therefore it is far more important to your business success that you are always encouraging your best customers to tell others about their experience.


Once you complete the Business Success Assessment you will know where you stand currently for your reviews and star ratings. Then you will be provided with the resources to help you manage your business reputation going forward.

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