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Key Success Element #7 - Search Engine Placement


Let's You See Your Current Status On 12 Critical Elements That Are Key To Your Business Success

SEO is constantly changing. Keeping up with the latest updates can seem overwhelming.

What doesn't change is that your potential customers are still finding you and your competitors through organic searches.


Typical prospects like to feel in control of their purchasing decision making process. Ranking well in search engines enables you to reach them without them feeling like they are being marketed to and the reason it works is because there are a large amount of people are searching for what you offer.


Keyword research can make all the difference in your business success. Prospects typically are not searching for simple one or two words. Better than 70% of the time your prospects are searching for very specific and that requires four words or more. 

What do you think they will find when they type in "outboard engine repair near 75001"? They are going to find those boat engine repair shops near Dallas, Texas who did their SEO homework. Will they find you for "specific" your services?


Companies that strive to keep getting better at SEO and Digital Marketing are the ones you see at the top of these targeted multi-keyword search phrases. Are your competitors getting the better of you when it comes to SEO? In this digital age you need to make sure SEO is a part of your digital strategy.


SEO can play a large part in the success of your inbound prospect traffic, so in your future business success planning you need to take SEO seriously.

When you complete the Business Success Assessment it will show you right where your SEO results are today and provide you with the tools you need to optimize your Search Engine Placement so that more customers will connect with you.

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